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Three Year Warranty UKLife Home 4D Full-body Airbag Zero Gravity Multifunctiona Massager Chair Heat Luxury Electric Office Chair

Three Year Warranty UKLife Home 4D Full-body Airbag Zero Gravity Multifunctiona Massager Chair Heat Luxury Electric Office Chair

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Three-year warranty

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We has 20+ years' experience in Massage Products.can as per your request to do your brand .Sample order Accepted.OEM&ODM all acceptable!

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Please do not compare our items with low priced bad quality small size chairs. Welcome to buy and cooperate

Please contact us to indicate your height and weight so that you can verify whether the massage chair is suitable for you

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Real Photo Show

New generation massage chairs Advanced Strength Faction


Core Technology

Better massage function


Imitation human massage

Increase comfort level

Airbag wrapping

Just like multiple people massaging at the same time


5 types of automatic Massage program

Full body airbags Package pinch

Extended massage itinerary layout

Waistand legs Constant temperature hot compress

Zero gravity massage experience

Newly upgraded smart model Bringing a better massage experience

New massage movement

Newly upgraded finger joint design

Hip pinching and rolling

Leg Wrap Massage

Extended massage Rail layout

Flexible massage manipulator

Newly upgraded finger joint design

A biomimetic design with multiple anthropomorphic massage techniques makes it easier to stimulate differentreflex areas throughout the body, fully relieving body soreness

Extended massage guide rail

Overlay kneading and massage

Neck/shoulder/back/waist/buttocks/sole offeet.

Simulated human hand covered rolling and massage

Neck kneading

Shoulder kneading

Back kneading

Waist and hip kneading

Hip rolling and rubbing01

Deep neck kneading

Extended massage head, elastic kneading to relieve neck soreness


Shoulder and back massage and kneading

Multi head roller for deep massage and kneading


Waist massage movement

Upgrade the massage head for key rolling massage on the waist

3D massage and kneading of buttocks,orderly relaxation of airbags on both sides

Say goodbye to sedentary fatigue and let your hips enjoy deep and long-lasting relaxation


Hip airbags on both sides

Double airbag compression massage on both sides of the buttocks to relax the buttocks muscles


Hip airbags on both sides

Double airbag compression massage on both sides of the buttocks to relax the buttocks musclesLeg and foot wrap massage for comprehensive and multiple foot therapy care

Multiple sets ofairbags are compressed and tightened, and the sole roller is used for kneading and massaging to experience professional simulated human foot massage


Bilateral compression of calves

Enlarged airbags on both sides for wave compression to relieve leg soreness


Bilateral pinching ofthe foot surface

Press the airbags on both sides of the foot surface and use the footrollers to relax the foot


Sole roller kneading

24 roller kneading and massage on the sole of the foot, comprehensively massaging the acupoints on the sole of the footFull body coverage

Wrapped Multi directional Massage

Full body coverage wrapped massage, lie flat and enjoy a variety of massage experiencesSuspended Cloud Sense Lying

Experience Zero WeightSleep Cabin

Create a sense of weightlessness like space, allowing the body and brain to continuously relax and feel as relaxed as floatingHigh fidelity Bluetooth speaker immersive music massage experience

The massage chair is equipped with a three-dimensional Bluetooth speaker, which allows for dual relaxation while massaging and listening to music through a mobile phone connectionRecommended by designers with outstanding appearance

Versatile home color scheme

Both internal and external combinations are details

Refined detail display, striving to do better and provide you with the best quality


Premium massage chair leather

Choose high-end PU leather for massage chairs, which is skin friendly and wear-resistant


LED artistic lighting

Hidden breathing lights create a comfortable atmosphere like neon


LCD touch screen

The buttons are concise and clear,and can be operated with gentle touch, allowing elderly people to use them alone


Sports car style shortcut keys

Upgrade sports car shortcut button, one click operation, simple and convenient

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